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Just Go! San Diego

I believe that there are good people doing good things all around us if we just go and take a look...


The Just Go! San Diego project is an endeavor to discover and create meaning while journeying through life. It is my conscious effort to participate in community, to learn who makes up the community around me, and to figure out what skills I have/can learn to connect with, support, and grow my community. It is a courageous endeavor to follow my joy and open up to learn about the world around me. My goal is to see if I can add something in my corner of the world that is useful, that I am proud of, and that is derived from joy, compassion, and community.

This project emerged organically in 2019. It has been about unlearning habits, beliefs, and ways of life that led me astray from living consciously. It is about re-learning and re-building my lifestyle and habits to be consistent with what I know and believe now in my 40th decade of life. The things that are important to me include:

1) my kids! I am a mom to 2 boys. Resources and spaces for kids to grow are so important. Support networks and policies for parents and families are so important. 


2) supporting creative expression of all mediums and fields... working with creative humans to facilitate their creative journey and to learn from their work and stories... collaborating with creative humans to connect community and share stories... creating and resurrecting narratives that have been buried by oppression, racism, fear, power, and ignorance... gaining clarity on who and what we are as humans

3) educating ourselves to be better custodians of this planet and the environment, ...learning how to de-construct our lifestyle and move away from habits that are outdated and inconsistent with a sustainable and healthy planet... learning how to re-build a lifestyle with habits that  support and sustain our ecosystem and Earth...


4) continuing self-education for adults to keep evolving in a changing world, growing, unlearning/re-learning, and finding/following their joy....


5) local community... i have learned that it is best to begin right where you are at... after being frustrated and disappointed with the stories at a national mainstream media level for years, I chose to go out into the world  and listen to stories first person... I was not disappointed... every time I stepped out of my door and endeavored into the community, I met amazing people trying to create a better world in some way here in their local community... i decided that is what i want to take part in, and this is the path i am figuring out to do it

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