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Kimberly Kaminski ...

I was born in Seoul, Korea in April 1977. The name assigned to me was Chae Hee Shin. I am one of approximately 200,000 Korean born children that Korea exported for transnational adoption from the Korean War in the 1950's to the present day. I was adopted only a few months after my birthdate by Carl and Judith Rapp. Carl was an officer in the US Navy at the time and he was stationed in Japan. Judith, his wife, was with him in Japan living at the Naval base. She was teaching English and volunteering at a local publication and organizing tours of Asia. After living in a foster home for the months between my birth and my adoption, my first family home was with Carl and Judith in Japan. My name became Kimberly Lee Rapp. We lived in Japan until I was 2 years old, and then moved back to the US and settled in New Jersey. I spent my childhood growing up in Washington Township, NJ. Carl and Judy lovingly raised me as if I was their natural child. I grew up identifying with European American traditions and culture. In my adulthood, I have been on a journey to learn about the universe and myself and my place in it. My journey led me to various interests and disciplines. I studied art, psychology, and neuroscience. I earned my PhD in neuroscience in 2009. I am now focusing on merging my interests in social and biological sciences with the arts towards creative endeavors that communicate an evolving comprehension of what it means to be human. I am on a journey to re-connect with the part of my identity that is Korean born. I learn where my story is placed within the context of a larger, geopolitical, international history. I learn what it means to be a KAD (Korean Adoptee). I learn to re-connect with something inside of me. I learn to listen, follow my joy, and in doing so, discover myself again and again. I do this work so that my kids have an example of what it means when they are told to 'be themselves'. I live with my children in San Diego, CA. Thank you for taking interest in my work. 


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